The emblem of a culture and capability of building unique bikes since 1921, the California represents the turning point in Moto Guzzi history, one of the oldest and most respected brands in motorcycle history. Today, with the California 1400, Moto Guzzi redefines the concept of the luxury bike.

1997 – 2005
Global evolution

In 1997 the California EV makes its debut and an entirely new chapter is written. The first change involves the engine, now equipped with new piston rods and, above all, electronic injection. Compared to the carburettor models, the EV model is characterised by its more rounded valve cover, the tubeless spoked wheels and the new fork with 45mm stanchions.

In 1999, Moto Guzzi launches the EV Special with a cruiser soul and fascinating design innovations: rear “eagle beak” mudguard, two sector separate saddles for rider and passenger, new foot rest platforms, new light clusters and number plate holder. On this stylistic basis, the Stone and the Jackal take shape, models with simpler and more linear shapes, and the EV80, a special series commemorating the 80th anniversary of Moto Guzzi, sumptuous and elegant with bags, saddle upholstery and grips in Frau leather, worthy of a true celebrity.